Ring Sizing Guide - Hints and Tips

It is important you get the proper fit for your ring to ensure it is comfortable, it retains it shape and so that you donít lose it. Please look at the below listed hints and tips to help you get the proper size.

Try to size to the nearest full size. Half sizes are available thru special order and will have a longer delivery time.

When removing a ring size gauge or a ring from the finger, push up on the ring from the under side of the hand and push out. Create the void on the top of the finger where the knuckle protrudes up.

You want the ring to fit firmly.

Take note the time of year. When it is warmer you swell slightly. So if it is warm when you size your finger it should be a firm fit. If it is cool you should allow a little room.

If you are a right handed person and you wear a wedding ring, and this ring will be worn on the right hand ring finger, you should go with the next size up from your wedding ring. Left handed people donít usually follow this rule.

Finally, if a ring or the size gauge gets stuck on your finger donít panic. First relax and then use some window cleaner on your finger to aid in removal. It sounds funny, but it works.